Homeschool Drills

About Homeschool Drills

Homeschool Drills was written to give educators fine-grained control of practice problems to give to their students. Since each student learns at a different rate, they should be practicing problems that are slightly different from other students. We give you the option to include very specific levels of problems while staying away from problems the student isn't ready for.

For example, as a teacher or parent, if I feel my student needs practice on the 7's times tables, I can create a drill specifically containing only those problems. The drill can be made as a printable pdf, or have the student perform the drill online with a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even mobile device.

After I decide on certain parameters for the drill, such as multiplying 7 by the numbers 1 through 12, an assignment is created using randomly generated numbers that fit those parameters.

We believe in the old adage that practice makes perfect. The more a student practices, the better they will become - with effort, memorization and mastery will come quickly.